In 2007 I was hired by the Saskatchewan Department of Labour, on a temporary basis, as a Production Specialist. The duties this job required was the layout and formatting of several technical documents while adhering to strict visual identity standards that were dictated by the department. For example the size of margins has precise specifications as well as the positioning of logos, headers, footers on a page etc…

These documents were required to be prepared and distributed for several different types of media such as booklets, pamphlets, electronic format and websites. Deploying the information was also a requirement of the position so I had to do several aspects of communicating and working with print companies, updating the website and dealing with distribution couriers.

The documents I was involved in bringing to the public were:
- The Labour Relations Board Annual Report 2006 – 2007
- Ready for Work: A Guide for Committees and Representatives
- Guide for New Workers
- Occupational Health and Safety: Facts about Mould
- Occupational Health and Safety: Avian Influenza
- Occupational Health and Safety: Eye Injury Prevention

Hard copies of these documents can be made available upon request.

I was only with this department for six months when the employee who previously had this position returned to her job. It was a very educational experience for me that significantly honed my creative, analytical and organizational skills.

See the Saskatchewan Department of Labour’s website here.