- Dyson’s Notes -
Enter Yorrick (ie. the ‘skull’). Yes, he is named after the skull in Hamlet.  When I created the character of  Yorrick (several years ago) my friends told me about a similar character named ‘Bob’ the skull from Jim Butcher’s The Dresdin Files. That is how I got introduced to that fantastic series. I highly recommend it. If Jim is ever reading this I would like to congratulate him on his success on an excellent series and assure him that the similarities between your Bob and my Yorrick are merely coincidence and in no way meant to be a parody.
Next week, we meet Fate in a flashback, inside a flashback, and Taerha’s clever and precise plan for getting out of the bug’s stomach.
(P.S. If you haven’t already read Jim Butcher’s The Dresdin Files. I cannot say it enough. It is really that good!)