- Dyson’s Notes -
To understand the difference between the two types of Gods, OmniGods and Incarnates, think of it in terms like Incarnates having power in one realm, and Omnigods having power in several realms. Incarnates require faith and support to survive whereas OmniGods are more like raw forces of nature. When put like that Fate has a very real reason to be afraid of Chaos.
Do you like the page? Like the last page I did the whole thing on my laptop and tablet. Drawing, colouring and lettering. No paper! Looks like I am getting good enough at it. I think Vayfe 3 will be my first attempt to do an entire comic without using paper. That is the value of this QuestOmatic comic. It has taught me so much.
Anyhoo, next week we return to our heroes in State Manora to find out what’s the latest with Taerha and Yorrick…