- Dyson’s Notes -
Wow! Almost a day late. Sorry about that folks. There is A LOT going on in my life right now. But enough of my sissy excuses! Get to talking about  the post!
This was the last page of Chapter six originally featured in Valuable Comics #14. I pencilled, inked, coloured and lettered these seven pages in 2 weeks. It was a gong show. The last seven hours before deadline I lettered the entire seven pages. No time for proofreading. Needless to say this post was mainly late due to me having to re-ink and re-colour my original, rushed and sloppy effort on this last page. It was total bullocks. It looks waaay (yes, three a’s worth) better now. Again, sorry for being late.
I’d like to dedicate this post to Landon and Twila for making this past week the most exciting time I’ve had since four years ago!
Next week… Less talk! More SWORD!