Bruce “The Macho” StormFel the XXVII

Race: Human
Trade: Celebrity Ponce

His Story So Far:This self-proclaimed champion of Manora has used his wealth and good looks to secure his place of champion/celebrity of Manora. His only obstacles being: (A) if any real heroism are actually required or (B) when certain popular minotaur heroes spontaneously show up and start actually performing acts of real heroism. There are insinuations that he has performed ‘services’ for the Queen to gain the standing he now currently weilds.Bruce’s last name ‘Stormfel’ comes from his line of ancestry that his family has been milking for generations. He is the descendant of the original Avatar Champion of Symmetria: Bruce Stormfel the I.

Dyson’s Notes:
Bruce has this strange power that he wields. His obliviousness to all matters that do not directly pertain to him creates a universe with you on the outside and Bruce at its centre. If you hang around Bruce long enough, you find yourself inside that universe orbiting the same way of thinking. I know people like this. You know people like this. In some ways, we all are capable of being like this. What it would be like to inhabit a universe where everything revolves around you? How great would it be? I suppose that is why the people that you know who are like this are the way they are. That is what will make Bruce such a great, and fun, villian to write. That is where Bruce comes from. Bruce is the embodiment of arrogance and vanity. Whenever one writes they sort of delve into a character’s head and becomes an actor that is portraying that character. The ability to act like a completely self-centred and insensitive jerk, atleast for a little while anayway? Who wouldn’t find that fun?