Bulstrode Sloughfoot

Trade: ‘Duck Proclaimed’ Avatar Familiar
Her Story So Far: Bulstrode is an ugly (and exotic) toad that performs the bidding of her Avatar master. That is to say, that she mainly lets Stalward lug her around with the resistance of a dead weight. Stalward claims that Bulstrode is her avatar familiar. Avatar familiars, typically speaking, are powerful creatures like, unicorns, dragons, gryphons, etc… that provide transportation and protection to their Avatar masters. Other than her narcolepsy whatever Bulstrode’s power is remains to be seen. The toad’s most effective weapon tends to be her flatulence and, thus far, the only victim of this frequent airborne attack is Stalward.

Dyson’s Notes:
The creation of Bulstrode came about mainly because of characters like Shadowfax from Lord of the Rings or Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender (The nikelodeon cartoon not the movie!). When I came up with the story line for this comic it became apparent to me that the idea of an animal familiar for Stalward was an irresitable neccessity. So considering that this story is an fantasy adventure/comedy my wife and I sat down and tried to think of something funny to give Stalward as an Avatar. After many hilarious suggestions the funniest one was decided to be a nasty, big, ugly toad. Not only did this taod do nothing but Stalward would be forced to carry her around rather than being ridden. I got her character design right on the first sketch I did of her. The name ‘Bulstrode’ came to me immediately after I finished the drawing. The name Sloughtfoot camefrom pet turtle that I had when I was younger. This character’s is dedicated to Sloughfoot and Pokey! Keep crawlin’ in turtle heaven little buddies!