The Shenanigans project started out with an incredibly fun conversation I had with some friends. The question was simply: If you were to be any type of cartoon character, what type of cartoon character would you be? The seed of inspiration that implanted into my mind that resulted in this 32 page comic book named Shenanigans.

The characters are loosely based upon myself, my wife and my three older sisters. Dim is a sarcastic duck that is reluctantly dragged along on his friends adventures. Tee is a nervous turtle who has hoarded anything and everything inside her shell. ReNeigh is a ‘take-charge’ horse and self-proclaimed leader of the group. Corky is a taciturn squid that will bravely take on any challenge to help her friends. Aries is a melodious mutton that has an unhealthy attraction toward wolves. Shenanigans abound as these characters embark on a kooky adventure to rescue their friend, Aries the Sheep, that has been kidnapped by hungry wolves and dragged into …the Wolf’s Den!

Also, there is a five page short story at the end of this book about the adventures of Dexter D. Daring!. All he wants is to lead a normal boring life. Except that with a name like Dexter D. Daring one can hardly escape adventure and excitement because everyone you meet assumes that you’re some sort of super spy/hero! Follow Dexter as he is reluctantly dragged from one adventure to the next due to his unfortunate name.

Shenanigans # 01: The Wolf’s Den/Dexter D. Daring and the Job Interview of Doom!
32 pages:
- 2 pages (Front and Back Cover) in colour.
- 30 pages of greyscale (Black and White) content
- All Ages