I began working for Steve Martin Rodda Telemarketing Consulting in autumn of 2002. This company, situated in Edmonton, Alberta, published four magazine titles bi-annually: Kidsafe, Community Drug Alert, Kids in Motion and Envirokids. Once printed the magazines were distributed for free to schools, hospitals, first nation centers, medical clinics, daycares, and numerous other facilities targeting healthcare and childcare.

The magazine was made possible due largely to the donations of local businesses throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. To recognize these fine and generous businesses advertisements of varying size, layout and complexity were interspersed throughout the magazine. All of the design and layout of these advertisements were prepared by me.

KidSafe is SMRT Consulting’s flagship publication that is geared toward safety for younger children. The content contained within these is numerous safety topics aimed at children (household safety, fire safety, street safety, internet safety, what to do if lost, etc…) and is a wealth of information interspersed with activities, games, comics and stories which helped to write, layout and research.

Community Drug Alert was a publication intended for teens and preteen youths. The content contained within these pages is meant to raise awareness regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Stories of former addicts, articles containing information about the effects and addictiveness of drugs are meant to inform, warn and educate youths about the real dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Kids in Motion magazine is an inspirational publication intended for youths with disabilities. This publication contained activities, games, comics and articles for younger audiences but the content is centered around inspirational and uplifting stories about children and adults who succeeded despite their disabilities. I helped to create the covers, stories, games and activities for this magazine.

The content in Envirokids centered around raising awareness regarding environmental issues. The content was educational, however there were stories, games and activities intended to make it fun for younger readers.

Hard copies of these documents can be made available upon request.

In 2005 I left SMRT Consulting Inc. to move back to Saskatchewan. At that time I had completed the layout, design, artwork and articles for twenty magazines! This company continues to publish these fine titles and, to this day, I maintain a healthy working relationship with the consulting editor there and design the occasional cover and/or article for this fine company and still believe in the excellent work that they do.

See the SMRT Consulting Incorporated website here.