Hey Dyson, your stuff (ie. Comics and stories) sound so wonderful and amazing! Where can I get some of this awesome swag?!

Unfortunately, this site is not yet set up for a point of sale system. So if you cannot make it to any of the below locations email me here and we will see what we can work out.

Dyson’s Comics are available at these locations:

Comic Readers Regina – South
4603 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S-6B6
Phone: 306-586-1414
Email: contact@comicreaders.com
Website: http://comicreadersregina.wordpress.com/

Comic Readers Regina – Downtown
#105 – 11TH Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P-3X3
Phone: 306-779-0900
Email: readers2@sasktel.net
Website: http://comicreadersregina.wordpress.com/

Tramp’s Music Comics Cards & Games – Regina
1828 Scarth Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P-2G3
Phone: 306-757-8616

Phoenix Comics & Books
2105 Broad St
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P-1Y6
Phone: 306-757-9091