Trade: Rambling Know-It All
His Story So Far: Upon meeting the grim spectre that is Yorrick, one can presume that he is some form of ghost inhabiting a preserved dragonet skull (minus the jawbone). Who or what he is (or whose skull is he inhabiting) remains a mystery. All that we know of his past is that Taerha found him in the stomach of an insect that is alluded to be thousands of years old. Yorrick is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics (Coincidentally, He specifically seems to know a lot about Avatars) and will happily ramble on about any subject for hours on end, even if you ask him to shut up. However, if you ask him any question directly related to his past Yorrick becomes uncharacteristically taciturn. Yorrick also sports an unusual glyph on his forehead that appears to be branded onto his skull.

Dyson’s Notes:
One weekend my friends brought their computers over to my house, where we networked them together and played Diablo 2 for seventy two hours straight. We stopped only to eat and sleep as much as was required to survive before we would dive into the game again. I played a necromancer character that I actually named ‘Char’. It was awesome-sauce. Long after I stopped playing Diablo 2 I was obsessed with the necromancer character class. After that point and always wanted to ‘ressurect’ (pardon the pun) Char as playable character in an rpg. However, by that time I finished Diablo 2 several times and was some ridiculously powerful and was almost no fun to play because he was almost impossible to kill. Well, what fun would that be? So I started thinking of ways to knock him down a peg or two. So I thought: “Hmmm… He’s a necromancer right? How would a necromancer go about escaping death?” It was at this point I came up with the idea of Char transcending from his mortal body into a ghostly form where he would posses any corpse he came across. But still being insanely powerful I thought a fun twist would be to trap him in a less than powerful body. That’s where the disembodied skull came in. Do you see where this is going? Although I have not given away any specific spoilers regarding Yorrick’s origins you begin to see what kind of character he might become. Just wait and see because I promise that it will be cool.
It was shortly after I published chapter two of QuestOmatic: Myths in Valuable comics # 9, that featured the first appearance of Yorrick, that my friend, Dan, asked me if I have ever read any of The Dresdin Files. Apparently, this Jim Butcher has come up with the character idea of a smart-mouthed disembodied skull named Bob as well. I can’t even be upset with Jim for having the same idea as I had or of his rising popularity and status because his books are just that darned good! Once I started reading them I could not put them down! Anyway, Jim, if you ever read this, I swear that Yorrick is not a spoof nor is he an attempt to copy. It was just mere a coincidence.

Hey I wonder who would win in a fight? Yorrick vs. Bob?