Some of you wonder where Dyson gets his kooky titles from. Well I am here to tell you there is usually some form of thought put behind them.

QuestOmatic: Myths
- “Quest-” origin of Latin “quaesīta” (to seek).
- “-Omatic” derivation of “automatic” origin of Greek “autómat” (self-moving).
- “Myths” origin of Latin “mythos” (story of words).

Two Gods, Order and Chaos, are about battle over the fate of the realm using their avatar champions as the harbingers of their epic war. Chaos has legions of armies, a secret society of organized assassins, an entire region of fanatical zealots and his avatar is a powerful frost dragon mage. Order, on the other hand, has a duck.

One of these days you guys are going to see the gaming system (i.e. a self generating story game) with the character and worlds based upon this web comic.

QuestOmatic: Myths is a fantasy adventure/humor web comic that is updated one page a week every Monday at midnight.
Story and artwork by Dyson Yobb.