- Dec.20, 2012 -


Hey guys,
Due to deadlines building up for next May I absolutely MUST begin to focus my work on Vayfe 3. As such I will not be able to manage a new QuestOmatic: Myths page once a week. The tournament of champions will continue after Vayfe 3 is complete. Worst case scenario will be QoM:Myths continuing sometime in May. Sorry for any inconvenience.

However, I introduce to you QuestOmatic: Shenanigans! A wild, wacky story of four friends (Dimly Duck, Tee Turtle, ReNeigh Horse and Corky Squid) who embark on a dangerous mission to rescue their mutton mate (Aries Sheep) from the clutches of THE WOLF’S DEN! But things go awry as they quickly discover Aries is not the damsel in distress they thought she was!

The Shenanigans begin Dec. 31st!
(*Please enjoy responsibly. May contain some shenanigans.)




- Nov. 18, 2012 -

You’ll note, down by Stalward there, that I took down the donations button and a new button has taken its place.Instead of asking for money, I’m ask for you help spreading the word about my web comic!

TopWebComics.com is this great site that gets a fair bit of traffic promoting online webcomics. The best part is that the site is free and 100% user rated. So I am throwing my hat into the ring.

My current Ranking is 11,035. Ha, Ha! It will be a long, hard crawl to even get to the top 100, much less, the coveted # 1 spot. And, quite frankly, there are a lot of other really talented, excellent web comics ahead of me! I’ll have to work A LOT harder at getting better and faster at both my artwork and writing!

If you would like Quest0matic: Myths to get more exposure please take a few seconds a day and click on the link. The higher my ranking means more exposure that equals more readers which translates into more revenue for moi which gives me more time I can spend making my comics for you.

Thanks in advance for your guy’s support!



- Oct. 29, 2012 -

The 2012 Regina Comic Fair was an awesome event.

Not only did I meet many interesting and wonderful people there my table did very well financially. I have only been to two conventions, this one and the 2011 Winnipeg comic con. This was a smaller, more intimate venue that gave me the chance to visit and talk to people on a smaller scale. In this way, I found it to be a much more enjoyable, less overwhelming event.

Here’s me at my table.

Though the event was a small, hundreds who turned up to pick through the horde of comics for a $1 bin. At one point there were people climbing over each other to comb through the selection that the vendors that were there. These included: Readers, Pheonix, Tramps, We Have Issues and Dollarama!

There was local comic representation there as well. Myself, Jason Sylvestre, Carson Demmans, Derrick Burns, Brett Geister, Dustin Bank and Allan Dotson all showed up to say:  Check out the local scene that is pure blinding awesomeness!

I had made some Tshirts in addition to my comics books. Here is a picture of a wicked Darth Maul costume sporting my t-shirt! Thanks Rob!

I would like to thank Erin and all the people involved in organizing the 2012 Regina Comic Fair. I had a blast meeting all these new and exciting people and this event turned out to be the most profitable venue I have ever attended. Also, thanks to all the peeps out there who supported me and bought my stuff! It was a positive rewarding experience that was over all too soon.

Thanks again guys! Can’t wait until next year!

Dyson Yobb


- Oct. 21, 2012 -

The Valuable Crew and I will be appearing at the Regina Comic Fair. We will have a table there so drop by and say ‘hi’! Here’s the details:

Saturday, October 27, 2012 – 11 am to 5 pm
At Regina Hungarian Club – 1925 McAra Street – google map
Admission is $1.00 or FREE if you come in costume.

I am really looking forward to this. It is about time that Regina started consolidating the comic fair into one event. There is a gaming convention, manga convention and a comic convention. We really need to get everything into one con and start working together to make it a powerhouse among cons. We are more powerful as a community. This con would be a great place to start.

Blathering aside come on out and see me or meet the Valuable crew. Come, socialize and support local comics. Hope to see you there!



- May. 9, 2012 -

Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, once again… *sigh*

It was a great Free Comic Book day. When I arrived at the store there was a line-up outside for people to get in! I met lots of great people in the lineup that went right by my table. There were many great conversations as well.

The QuestOmatic: Myths giveaway went over like gangbusters! Traffic on the site has increased by dozens!

Also, thanks to all those Vayfe fans who went out of their way to come and get issue # 2! You guys rock!

Thanks to Dana and Shane of comic readers for letting me appear at their store again! They have been very generous with their support!

Well, another year and another issue under the bridge. Time to get working on the next one!

I’ll keep you posted.



- April. 20, 2012 -
It is that time again! A time when young children’s flights of fancy turn to comic store in search of free swag! Yes, kiddies, it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

On MAY. 5, 2012 I will be appearing at Comic Readers South again this year.

With me I will have:
- Hot off the presses! VAYFE: Anthropocentric Part 2! Never before appearing in stores!
- The Brand New Valuable Comics issue #18.
- Back Issues of Valuable Comics, Vayfe and Shenanigans for sale
- A FREE QuestOmatic: Myths comic giveaway for the first 75 peeps!
- If that is not enough to get you in the door, Reader’s will have snacks, refreshments and, OH YES!, FREE COMICS!

What more reasons do you need! See you there!



- January. 27, 2012 -
An Update on Vayfe Two

Good news: Finally finished the pencils!
Bad news: October 2011 is looong gone. (insert nervous laughter…)

For all you fans still waiting for Vayfe Two you have been very patient with me and for that I truly grateful. Making this comic has taught me more than Vayfe One ever could. Namely, not to make unrealistict deadlines. And also that writing is a heckuva lot harder than people think. Originally this had been a 32 page comic book. However, the last four pages were written as a diatribe by Lurland about the the anthropocentric theme surronding this story arc. It came off sounding preachy and negative. I went back to the drawing board and rewrote those pages to be an eight page sequence of action and adventure. So yes, Vayfe: Anthropocentric part two is now a 36 page story with a much intense climax.

Also, writing this story has also made me painfully aware of how disorganized the entire story structure actually is. As such another portion of the delay is due to me writing the treatment of the ENTIRE Vayfe story arc. I do not capatalize the word ‘entire’ lightly. Vayfe in all of it’s volumes is an epic story that I have been writing since my childhood. It seems strange to me that it has taken me this long to finnally put it to paper. Now that I understand the entire picture I can now show you the pieces of it with clarity and hope you enjoy.

I hope it makes up for the wait you have all been experiencing. Thank you for your patience.

- Dyson