Taerha Bull
Trade: Mercenary Hero
Her Story So Far:This Minotaur Mercenary for hire from the Taerhan Northlands has earned a heroic reputation by performing epic, heroic deeds for little reward. For two years in a row, she has also earned the title of ‘Hero of the Just’ from competing in the infamous ‘Tournament of Champions’ held annually in the Nation’s Capital of State Manora. She is well renown as a celebrated nomadic hero and mentor of the Central Nations. Nobody despises her notoriety more than she does.It all began one evening when Taerha got miserably drunk and punched both the ruler of nation (Queen Carollotta Edmunds Braisneck the third) and the Incarnated god of destiny (FATE) in the face. After that ill-fated, inebriated night she finds herself either hunted by the bitter Queen’s Army, Assassins and Bounty Hunters or being thrown from one improbable catastrophe after another through a random series of coincidences by a spiteful, begrudging God.

Dyson’s Notes:
Taerha’s conception came from a number of places. Second to dragons, Minotaurs are my favourite fantasy creature. Perhaps this stems from my farming/ranching childhood or feeling sorry for that prisoner who was unjustly slaughtered at the hand of Theseus. Having one in a starring role in one of my comics was a natural choice. Originally, Taerha was a concept sketch for a male Minotaur role-playing character I had designed. My wife, upon seeing this sketch, immediately fell in love with the character and claimed it as her own. Apparently, the sketch was androgynous enough for my wife to also insist that this Minotaur Warrior be modeled after her favorite female kick-butt role models (such as Buffy, Trinity, etc…) And so, the Minotaur became a female.Taerha’s character and catch phrase “Less Talk. More Sword.” I also owe to my wife. My wife is not the a roleplaying or gaming geek that I am. She likes playing the occasional boardgame, but never in her life she has never tried tabletop roleplaying or a video game rpg. The one exception was when I got her to try co-op mode of the 2005 Champions of Norrath on Playstation 2. After she chose a Human Barbarian whose weapon of choice was a pair of flaming long swords, one in each hand. My wife transformed from this delicate fragile creature into a whirling, furious ball of blades and death. I was exposed to side of my wife that I have never before encountered. After a while I chose to change my character into an archer so that could lend what little back-up she required at a safe distance. Often bored with the ‘story’ development my wife with would complain as I read through lines of character dialogue. “C’mon already! Less talk! More Fireswords!”. A lot of Taerha’s character came from this experience.
Taerha’s name derives from my friend Christa. Christa had named her rpg character (which I believe was an Orc Fighter) Terri Bull. I thought this was such a cool name that I felt it was the perfect name (ie. alias) for a Minotaur on the run (oops, spoiler!). Although Taerha begrudges a reputation she feels was foisted upon her, she is a natural combatant that has a tendency to choose the side of the underdog when forced to take sides. How she came to be so cynical toward her reputation as a hero remains a mystery, but she seems to recklessly throw herself into increasingly dangerous and self-destructive adventures. A typical death wish syndrome would indicate an individual searching for salvation. What Taerha is about to learn is that salvation comes in all shapes and sizes. She about to meet hers in the shape of a small duck…